Today’s Refuge Wildlife Photos

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It has been a few days since we got out and walked, but an 80 degree morning and not too many visitors to the refuge made for a good short walk around the impoundments with our cameras today.

Between Ken’s photos and mine we managed to get a few to satisfy my need for perfection, even though the baby hawks weren’t visible in the nest and the Sandhill Cranes have moved on.

Normally I wouldn’t post a blog of a single walk/photos, but a friend asked me to keep the wildlife photos coming, so here they are!

Saltmarsh mallow with Skipper
Momma Cooter burying her eggs
Red-shouldered Hawk near nest
Juvenile White Ibis
Green Heron
Ball Moss and spider web
Wood Stork
Little Blue Heron
Mexican Primrose

8 Replies to “Today’s Refuge Wildlife Photos”

  1. Hi,
    Wow, that turtle photo is fantastic! We love getting your photos also! They are always awesome.
    I’m sure you two are staying put, we are also. We’ve been working in the yard a lot.
    We’re working on taking the pool and deck out and replacing both. When I say we, you know
    I mean Jerry is doing the “hard stuff”…ha. It’s hard work for an old lady, but I figure it’s good exercise.
    Stay well.


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