Lately, I have been posting a photo(s) of the day on Facebook with the goal of keeping it up until COVID-19 is over.

Today’s photos of the day were going to be a post about a male Northern Cardinal who has waged war with us, but as I constructed that post, it became clear that it was less of a Facebook item and more of a blog item for WordPress.

The monster (aka Cardinal) sits in the Firebush that lines our patio and sings his “whoit cheer, whoit cheer, cheer-cheer-cheer” over and over and over again. If not there, he sits on the front bumper of our Jeep and chirps. He flits from there to the privacy fence to look in at us through the driver’s window of the coach. He also enjoys singing/tormenting us from the nearby palm tree. His stage is everywhere!

Yesterday he discovered the coach mirror from where he had a bird’s eye view of us through the windshield, and this morning he began his sound attack before seven a.m. from the trees behind us before finding his way back to the Firebush where we get an even better concert of his repertoire.

Our counterattack has included playing various Cardinal songs from a bird app on my phone in hopes that he would simply go away. Last night he seemed to get riled up and excited before flying off when he heard the sounds and calls of a courting pair, so we thought we had won the war, but it turned out that we had only won one of the battles in the war!

He’s back this morning and going at that mirror before rediscovering the mirror, where he was either going to break it or his beak. So, we wrapped a white towel around the bottom of the mirror, hoping that would deter the little guy. The bird’s response: he immediately perched atop the mirror and pooped on the mirror cover. Oh, this war is far from over!

The photos were taken with my phone instead of my camera, because I thought the war would be short lived, and obviously I would be the victor. Turns out that I would have had plenty of time to break out the camera since this war has gone on far too long and there is no end in sight.

Northern Cardinal giving me the evil eye
Battle with the mirror image
Caught in the act! Poop, in retaliation for covering the mirror.

4 Replies to “Cardinal War”

  1. Loved reading this! Had a similar experience in Alaska with a raven. Having lots of bird interaction here at the battlefield…crows are taking over! Hope you guys are well.


    1. The Ravens can be destructive! We saw this during our first season at GC when they poked a hole in our sewer hose… yuk!

      We are still hunkered down and I guess y’all are too.


  2. HA, this is too funny. Aren’t birds just the loveliest things. We have a pair in our yard and enjoy watching them flitter all over. However, the constant chirping and singing can get on ones nerves. For some reason they love our hub caps. I think I have a solution to your dilemma.

    2 Large Carrots (Halved Lengthwise and Finely Diced)
    3 Celery Stalks (Chopped)to taste
    3 Cups chicken broth
    Salt and Pepper
    3 Garlic Cloves (Minced)
    1 teaspoon Dried Oregano
    oh, and 1 Bay Leaf

    Love ya,
    Robin 🙂


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