Welcome to Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR)

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Despite COVID-19 and the weather we managed to get ourselves and our new 40 foot diesel pusher to the Ozarks, down into Pulltite campground and up on the hill next to the maintenance building.

Shortly after our arrival and setting up we packed an overnight bag and drove the Jeep to St. Louis for a family visit and a much needed root canal for me.

After a few days at home we returned to get oriented and begin our summer volunteer assignment at the visitor center and landing along the Current River, which attracts thousands of paddlers each season.

Those first days are now a blur as Memorial Day was a busy time for us even though there were several thunderstorms and of course the virus kept many would-be vacationers away.

I haven’t taken many photos since my subjects would mainly be visitors arriving or departing at Pulltite landing and I don’t want to create privacy issues. Also, I haven’t done much birding or hiking since it’s been so wet. And I can promise that I will not be taking a camera when we do go out for a paddle.

The campground hosts haven’t arrived yet, but we understand that they are fun people and we are looking forward to meeting them and possibly going for a paddle with them and the Round Spring campground hosts who we met recently.

So, that’s it for now… not much going on yet as the season gets off to a slow start. Warmer dryer weather kicked in this weekend with more projected next week, which should bring in even more floaters!

Enjoy your summer, and we would love to see you here at Pulltite Campground, so come on down to the Ozarks!

Dorothy and Ken

Current River at Pulltite Landing
Pulltite Ranger Station/VC (our office)

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