One of the reasons that we enjoy this RV lifestyle is that we get to visit with family and friends all across America.

We are enjoying the summer in Missouri where we are close enough that we’ve spent time together with daughters Cori and Kim and their families and now we just had a lovely visit with my mom and sister, who came to us here at Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Zella (Mickey) and Mom arrived on Sunday and after our volunteer shift we met them for dinner at Echo Bluff State Park lodge restaurant. Dinner conversation caught us up on current events while we ate a good meal and talked about plans for the next couple of days.

Monday morning Ken and I picked them up at their cabin in Eminence and we headed to Alley Mill. The day was filled with sightseeing stops throughout the National Park, including Rocky Falls, Blue Spring, Round Spring, Devils Well, and Welch Hospital.

We had a great bacon cheeseburger at Flossie’s Apple Barrel in Winona and Ken did all of the driving, which included plenty of unpaved roads. And, as planned, we ended the scenic tour at Pizza Inn in Salem… yum 😋

As fun as Monday was, I think that our favorite time together was while we sat on lawn chairs in the middle of Sinking Creek from 11 to 4 Tuesday. Mickey and I continued sharing childhood stories and reliving good times with mom and dad while Mom regaled us with long forgotten family history and interesting facts of her own childhood as well as loving memories of dad. Ken occasionally got a word in and shared with us, but he didn’t seem to mind being outnumbered by us and our stories.

We shared a quick bite to eat, applied plenty of sunscreen, and sat in the cool water and at the end of our time at the creek we packed up and drove to our place at Pulltite Campground.

After everyone grabbed a quick shower, we threw together some shrimp and pineapple skewers for the grill, baked crab cakes, made margaritas and ate well again. Turns out one of us didn’t apply enough sunscreen and ended up looking like a lobster while everyone else got moderately pink (Ken’s and my Chacos left funny tan lines on our feet).

More stories after dinner… we shared tirelessly and seemed to each remember another story almost before one ended; it was lively and comfortable and came to a close all too soon.

We said our goodbyes and our visitors from home drove back down the gravel road and out of sight. It sure is nice to have visits with family and friends while we travel this beautiful country.

Old schoolhouse at Alley Mill
Alley Mill
Zella (Mickey), me and Mom
Great Blue Heron
Rocky Falls
Ken, Mom and Zella
Round Spring
Wood Ducks
Box Turtle
Welch Hospital
Mom and Zella

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