A couple of weeks ago (July 23rd) we were asked by our supervisor (Interpretation) to consider moving over to Alley Spring campground to host since their previous hosts left suddenly due to a medical issue.

Ken and I drove to Eminence to check out the campground after work that day, which by the way, was an enjoyable day spent kayaking (roving) on the Current River from Pulltite landing to the lower landing at Round Spring.

We were pleasantly surprised with Alley Spring campground and the host site. The spacious campground consists of nine neatly mowed, tree lined loops, plus three group sites. There are 162 family sites and 28 of those offer electric and water hookups (a dump station is located near the campground entrance). Campers can reserve a site through recreation.gov or take their chances with one of the first-come, first-serve sites.

We accepted the position and moved to Alley on July 26th. It’s busy work with a lot of reports. We rove the campground several times a day and we’re constantly updating the camper report, check in/out campers, prepare reservation cards and post site posts, provide information, write warning notices, pick up litter, give out Junior Ranger activity books, stock brochures, etc.

It has been non-stop with a lot to learn, but the Visitor Use Supervisor and Assistant (VUA) have been wonderful. And just today we were invited to return next year. Even though it’s hectic and unrelenting, we said YES!

We love our national parks and Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR) is close to family. It’s close enough for necessary visits to home and the kids can visit and go floating. It really is a beautiful setting with plenty to see and do here, plus we’ve made friends with so many of the Upper Current and Jacks Fork Park staff and rangers, so next year it will be like coming home again.

In the meantime, our next two days off will allow us to do a little more exploring. For now, I’ll leave you with pictures of a few treasures found around the tree on our site and some photos from Pulltite. Enjoy!

Akers Ferry
Bluff view of Current River and kayakers heading toward Pulltite
Me at Pulltite Landing
Morning at Pulltite
And finally, day’s end!

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