Days Off Are Meant To Be Like This

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Today was hot. Really hot, like a typical August day in Missouri, but it didn’t stop us from exploring.

We have been wanting to get back over to Blue Spring and walk the trail back to the spring. The road was worthy of 4-wheel drive… steep and rutty. In fact, it has deteriorated since the first time we drove it.

We had a 20-minute trek on the trail through the woods, with a momentary cool breeze from the rushing water of the spring.

Interestingly enough, as we walked the trail toward the spring we had sneak peeks of the Current River and the opposing gravel bar covered with several travel trailers and folks playing in the cool water. One could only wish that we were among them as we were on the wooded side with the heat and humidity.

Tiny flowers dotted the landscape and as the the spring came into full view we were awed by the sight. The color of the water is a true deep blue, and as calm as it appears, know that it actually produces an amazing 87 million gallons of water daily.

We gazed out over the spring from the lower platform before taking the rough trail to the upper deck for a disappointing view because of the overhanging tree limbs. By the time we made our way back down the hillside we were dripping with sweat from the heat and humidity, but I would do it again.

We also revisited Powder Mill to see the newly renovated small backcountry campground there. The flood of 2017 devastated the area there including the visitor center that remains closed and visibly displays monstrous mold on the inside walls.

Owl’s Bend was another interesting stop. A scenic gravel bar and abandoned buildings that looked to be amazing spaces in earlier times were tucked in deep off of the main road.

Luckily, our Jeep lets us explore and see these treasures scattered among and nestled in Missouri’s Ozarks.

As usual, here is a smattering of photos for your viewing enjoyment.

One Reply to “Days Off Are Meant To Be Like This”

  1. Howdy,

    Thanks for the awesome pics. The spring looks absolutely beautiful and so inviting. I know you really wanted to jump in….why didn’t you? I ‘ll give you guys credit, I really hate to hike in the heat, good for you. Looks like we’ll have to come check it out when the weather cools down. Glad you’re enjoying your time in this beautiful state. Missouri has some fantastic sights as you well know.

    Oh, and congrats on getting asked back to your assignment. You sound pretty happy about that. Maybe next year for sure while you’re there we can come visit. Thanks again for you sharing.

    Take care and talk to you soon.
    Robin 🙂


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