We arrived back in Missouri as long ago as May and the time has flown by. Hard to believe that it’s the middle of October and our time here is winding down with tomorrow being just two weeks from our departure date. [Note: I started this entry at the middle of October and waited to publish after the birthday celebration at the end of the month.]

After leaving Ozark National on September 8th, we drove to our usual site at Pin Oak Creek RV Campground and soon after celebrated Cori’s birthday on the 13th. Alan had a birthday in August and since we weren’t here for that, we celebrated him by helping him install beautiful new vinyl flooring in his kitchen.

Next up, we began preparations for Kim and Ben’s wedding which took place on mine and Ken’s 28th wedding anniversary, October 10th. Their wedding was a small event but filled with love, laughter, a little anxiety, and people who mean the world to Kim and Ben. We watched and listened as Cori expertly guided these two through a lovely ceremony that brought us to gentle tears and a few giggles. The reception was another celebration with good food, dancing, and a fun photo booth. We feel honored to share our special day with the newlyweds and even though they picked the date for 10.10.2020 and not because they specifically wanted to have the same anniversary as us, we hope that they enjoy many happy anniversaries together.

Our great friends Robin and Jerry joined us here at Pin Oak with their RV for a couple of nights this week. Sometimes I envy them for having the best of both worlds because they still enjoy being homeowners and have traveled the country for years in their RV. They are the experts in cataloging the places they’ve enjoyed and Jerry knows all of the best places to visit. We really love talking shop with them. It’s always a pleasure to look up and see them join us whether it be at Okefenokee in Georgia, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, or here at Pin Oak, close to home. We spent hours together eating, drinking, walking, talking, and playing a mean tournament of shuffleboard (my favorite because the girls were victorious!). I’m not sure where our next meeting will be, but we’re already looking forward to seeing you both again.

October celebrations continued today with a family gathering for Kim’s birthday. It was fun to host everyone here in the motor coach. We noshed on white bean chicken chili, cornbread, hot dogs, and s’mores (oven-baked due to red flag warning/high winds)… not our traditional birthday meal, but for me it means the world that these humans care to spend their time with Ken and me. The highlight of the day was viewing the wedding zoom video and digital photos (thank you, Jordan and Lisa).

In addition to sharing our anniversary date with Kim and Ben, another special day in our family is shared. The birthday of November 4th belongs to the babies of the family (Logan and Jordan) and it’s mine, too. I can’t even believe that this year we celebrate their 20th! That celebration came earlier than normal (tonight , in fact) because of our travel schedule. We enjoyed a lovely meal of baked ham, cheesy potatoes, (butt) rolls, strawberry pretzel jello salad, and homemade carrot cake, all prepared by Cori. Thank you, it was delicious! The gifts were awesome and spending time with each of you always means the world to us. ❤️

This visit at home was kind of one-sided. Mainly because of COVID-19, we opted not to see some loved ones and friends who we miss and hope to be with next year. We have already sent Christmas presents for some of our grand/great-grandkids and hope these little things cause you to think of us fondly.

Tomorrow we will spend the day putting things in order and getting ready for a seven day road trip… It’s about 1,400 miles all together from here to Joplin, MO, then to Elk City, OK, to Tucumcari, NM, Albuquerque, NM, Las Cruces, NM, and Benson, AZ before finally arriving in Mesa, AZ on November 7th.

Wish us luck and happy trails as on Sunday we once again make our way west to Arizona and then to California in January. It’s always bittersweet to leave family behind when we strike out for a warmer climate or to satisfy our wanderlust.

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